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Something small is coming to the world of interconnection...

And it’s gonna be big.


Asteroid is a modern, simple, cost-effective interconnection solution.
We have gone back to the origins of interconnection, shed the weight and peeled back all the extra layers of non-essential services and complexity. And with modern technology, we have produced a simple, lightweight, scalable product.
It's local interconnection as it was originally meant to be. And it's an interconnection solution built wherever there is a need. 


What we believe in


Often, the simplest solution is the most elegant one. The Asteroid solution is all about efficient, simple, cost-effective interconnection. 

We have made a conscious decision to steer away from the overly complex and expensive models that mix interconnection with metro fibre, transport, and other services.

We provide local interconnection, nothing else. It's that simple.


Through its simple, and nimble design, the Asteroid interconnection solution is not only efficient, it's also the most cost-effective solution out there.

Our customers do not pay for services they don't need, and we don't compete with our own customers.

That simplicity means efficiency. Efficiency that results in true cost-effectiveness. 


We respond to our customers' need. Each Asteroid interconnection point is a standalone solution, but all managed through one single management system. This makes it incredibly easy for us to be responsive and deploy new interconnection points wherever there is a need. It also makes it very easy for our customers to connect to new interconnection points anywhere in the world.

One contract, one management system. 


Our story

Asteroid was born out of a shared desire to bring a fresh approach to an increasingly stagnating industry. With more than a decade of experience each in the interconnection industry, we believe that we know this industry inside out. And we all found ourselves somewhat frustrated with the industry's trend towards consolidation and increasingly complex and expensive solutions. The increased desire to constantly add additional services and complexity, often result in that the customers' need are not met.  

We believe there is a better way. A more efficient way. A simpler way.  

We believe in the elegant simplicity of local interconnection. That is what we have created with Asteroid.


Who we are

Meet the founders behind Asteroid 

Remco van Mook

Remco is an Internet veteran, with more than a decade and a half of experience in the interconnection industry. His rich experience includes starting up one of the most successful data centres in the Netherlands, building fast Internet access networks and running both small, local, IXPs, as well as the first multinational IXP in the world. Remco has over the years, served in numerous leadership positions and industry boards.

Nurani Nimpuno

Nurani has a decade and a half of broad experience from numerous areas of the Internet industry, spanning both Europe and the Asia Pacific. She has built outreach programmes throughout those regions and served as a technical expert in a wide range of Internet governance and public policy committees. In the last decade, she has developed interconnection and DNS services for one of the largest IXPs in Europe. In that role, she managed all communications, marketing, sales, business development and customer services. Nurani has over the years, served in numerous leadership positions and industry boards.

Andy Davidson

Andy brings a wealth of operational experience in the interconnection industry. For the last decade, he has worked both as a peering manager and Internet exchange operator. During this time he has negotiated several thousand peering sessions and helped to build a number of successful IXPs. He is an experienced architect of stable and highly available Internet networks, e-commerce platforms, and service provider products. Andy has over the years, served in numerous leadership positions and industry boards.



For years, the interconnection industry has become more complex and costly in the name of value-add.

We see value in simplicity.


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